"Your Location Is Not Your Destination" - Rahfeal Gordon

 SKYSCRAPER Book Signing Tour Schedule 2018

**Please be aware that we are updating the tour schedule periodically and dates are subject to change**

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International Tour Locations

Monterrey, Mexico - April 17th - 22nd

The Netherlands - November 2, 2018 - The Dutch International Entrepreneur Conference

Santiago, Chile - TBA

Norway - TBA

Gran Canaria Island - TBA

London, England - TBA

Poland - TBA

Oxford, England - TBA

Porto, Portugal - TBA

Lisbon, Portugal - TBA

Germany - TBA

Mexico City, Mexico - TBA

Monterrey, Mexico - TBA

Sweden - TBA

India - TBA

Belgium - TBA

Jakarta, Indonesia - TBA

Bali - TBA

US Tour Locations

Los Angeles, California - September 2018

Passaic, New Jersey - TBA

Newark, New Jersey - TBA

New York City - TBA

San Francisco, California  - TBA

South Orange, New Jersey - TBA

Washington DC - TBA

Las Vegas, Nevada - TBA

Montclair, New Jersey - TBA

Atlanta, Georgia - TBA