Portraits of Serving Project

Rahfeal Gordon created a project to inspire people within their community around the world to serve those less fortune. Rahfeal plans to spend a few hours in New York City and Newark, New Jersey to drop off what he calls, “ A bag of inspiration” to those living on the streets within these two states. Each bag will consist of a toiletries, sandwiches, juice, snacks, an uplifting letter from one of the project sponsors, and an autographed copy of ONE23: A Compelling Memoir written by Rahfeal Gordon.

While Rahfeal roams around various parts of the cities to drop off these bags of inspiration, he plans to capture his day on film and through picture. The RahGor Team will create an online picture gallery, RahGor TV episode and blog entry of the entire day. His hopes are that more people will be inspire by his actions and take the initiative to find creative ways to inspire and help those within their own communities around the world.

Event Date: Saturday, December 6, 2014