Rahfeal Gordon is the co-founder of Voices for World Peace, which is a project and subdivision under the organization, Dialogue for Peace. The mission of Dialogue for Peace is to work for peace and reconciliation in areas of conflict and the promotion of respect for human rights internationally.

Voices for World Peace is a platform that brings together a diverse group of global leaders and youth to work in solidarity to eradicate issues such as extremism, terrorism, and inequality by sharing ideas and creating strategies to bring peace and unity to areas of conflict around the world.



Portraits of Serving Project

Rahfeal Gordon created a project to inspire people within their community around the world to serve those less fortune. Rahfeal plans to spend a few hours in New York City and Newark, New Jersey to drop off what he calls, “ A bag of inspiration” to those living on the streets within these two states. Each bag will consist of toiletries, sandwiches, juice, snacks, an uplifting letter from one of the project sponsors, and an autographed copy of ONE23: A Compelling Memoir written by Rahfeal Gordon.

While Rahfeal roams around various parts of the cities to drop off these bags of inspiration, he plans to capture his day on film and through picture. The RahGor Team will create an online picture gallery, RahGor TV episode and blog entry of the entire day. His hopes are that more people will be inspire by his actions and take the initiative to find creative ways to inspire and help those within their own communities around the world.

For more information: info@rahgor.com

Rahfeal C. Gordon Scholarship Foundation

In 2005, Rahfeal Gordon established the Rahfeal C. Gordon Scholarship Foundation.  The foundation raises money to create scholarships to benefit high school and college students with average grades, but whom exhibit exceptional business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. The Rahfeal C. Gordon Scholarship is available for all high school seniors, college undergraduates, and graduate students around the world.

For more information: info@rahgor.com

Annual My Ice Cream Dream

“My Ice Cream Dream" event is a celebration of community service. The event focuses on inspiring youth within the community to dream big. Rahfeal Gordon, along with his staff, partners with Cold Stone Creamery to demonstrate how one little scoop of ice cream can spark the imagination of a child’s mind. The event brings families and community leader together to enjoy a day with the conversation and ice cream.

For more information: info@rahgor.com

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)

Rahfeal Gordon is an active national board member for the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), an organization that activates the entrepreneurial mindset and builds startup skills in youth from under-resourced communities to ensure their success and create a more vibrant society.

For more information: www.NFTE.com