OPULENCE: Mastering Your Finances, Power, & Mindset

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OPULENCE: Mastering Your Finances, Power, & Mindset

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Release Date: 01.23.20

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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT | I would like to inform everyone that I will officially be releasing my next book entitled, "Opulence: Mastering Your Finances, Power, and Mindset" on January 23, 2020.

There will only be 1,000 advance autographed softcover copies and 100 autographed hardcover copies available for purchase prior to the release date. A percentage of the proceeds will be directed to the funding of the 4th Annual Whitney Holiday Dinner for Single Parent Mothers Living in Homeless Shelters.

I look forward to witnessing how my book and the insight within it changes the lives of those who are trying their best to get out of bondage or help those currently living in it. Freedom is real…

Autographed Softcover Books: $25.00

Autographed Hardcover Book (includes 60-minute coaching session with RahGor): $250.00

Sneak Peak Excerpt:

I lost it. I lost it all in a matter of months. A few years ago, I experienced one of my lowest moments that had me experience incredible pain and disappointment within myself. For all that I had accomplished and for all that I stood for, I made some life changing mistakes with my relationships, finances, self-love, and inner peace. I’ve had some hardships in my life as a young person but as a man or becoming a strong man, I really felt this one....

It was at that moment, that each and every day, I started working on myself. I needed strength, stability, and higher standards for myself. All that I was going through was because I made poor decisions for MY LIFE. I had to take responsibility as a man. 

This book provides deep insight to the notes I create for myself as a guide to creating wealth internally and financially. I pray that this book is a miracle to many and is pointless to none. May every eye that sees these words and every hand that touches this book be changed, moved, and inspired to create wealth and live abundantly.