While talent scouting online for the annual Norwegian International Entrepreneur Conference, I found Rahfeal Gordon. Without hesitation I invited him to Norway to speak at my conference. Rahfeal truly exceeded everyone’s expectations. A genuinely kind and (com)passionate human being, an incredible motivator and inspirator and an entrepreneurial force seeking to contribute with a limitless drive. Rahfeal makes this world a better place. His unique sense of style, both as a speaker and an author, will inspire you beyond imagination.
— Kristian Aartun ~ CEO of NIEC, Norwegian International Entrepreneur Conference.

"Simply AMAZING and truly inspirational" - Marilyn Morgan, Harvard University

"Rahfeal is an incredibly brilliant speaker, mover and inspirator of humanity. Simply loving, authentic and always speaking from his heart. He touches everyone. My very best recommendations."-  Anne-Mette Røsting, CEO & Founder of Natural Force, Norway.

"Your amazing stories; soliloquies and metaphors, engaged and helped our students connect in unexpected ways. You have inspired with your ability of recognizing your audience and just being human." - Nivioska Bruce, LPC, ACS, Program Manager, CarePlus NJ, Inc.

"Rahfeal Gordon has an enthusiastic energy always present with him. He has an impressive story that explains why he is the human being he is: very humble, excited about life, very disciplined and focused in adding value to the society inspiring other people. "Your location is not your destination" was one of the main sentences I remember from Rahfeal. He will continue to be very important for all of us! Keep on inspiring us Rahfeal!" - Miguel Dias | CEO Dreams | Worldwide

"I met Rahfeal Gordon in Oslo, Norway. Rahfeal is so inspirational. He speaks from his heart, with so much positive energy. He is a true leader, a man that makes the difference, right now, and in the future. I feel deeply honored to have Rahfeal in my network, and I'm very motivated to work with him on impactful social initiatives for humanity." - Lucas den Boer, Founder & CEO 1Portal4You, Social Entrepreneur, Board Member DNBN Dutch Norwegian Business Network

"Rahfeal Gordon is one of the most inspiring person I have meet. He has the passion, the energy and the people skill I really appirciate." - Kåre Normann Sekkesæter, Akilles Consulting

"He doesn't need to speak, Rahfeal Gordon will motivate you with his mere presence. This combined with his jaw dropping personal life experiences, will give you chills and eventually transform not only your life, but your mindset. I highly recommended Rahfeal for everyone, not only for entrepreneurs." - Manuel Moreno, CEO of Emprendus

"Rahfeal Gordon is an amazing speaker who motivates anyone he comes in contact with....he radiates energy and a passion that I have yet to see before. As a fellow Newark native, I am very proud of what he has overcome, his accomplishments and look forward to him continuing to change the world." - Dr. Daniel Jean
Executive Director of EOF an Academic Development/ Founder of wordstravel.org

"I could relate to Rahfeal on a personal level because of his go-get it mentality but at the same time his way of showing that a healthy and spiritual lifestyle is just as important. More than just being motivating, Rahfeal's presentation also highlighted that we're all just human beings in the end. Very inspiring!'' - Nordin Ben Allal, Director of Nordesign

“Rahfeal is one ofthemostDynamicmotivational speakers out there, with a personal story of triumph like no others.  If yourcompany isever looking to secureamotivationalspeaker,  Ihighly recommend Rahfeal.” -Mark French President, Mission Basketball and Inventor of Court Grip (Mission Athletecare)

"Rahfeal Gordon’s energy and Positivity is a gift to everyone he encounters.  His work ethic, personal story and vision lends to his gift as a motivational speaker and entrepreneur.”  - Damali Elliott, Founder/Executive Director of Petals-N-Belles

“Thanks for your Dedication to serving our youth.” - United States Senator Cory Booker

"He is our next Icon when it comes to young men giving back.” - NFTE (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship)

“Rahfeal Gordon with his broad grin and indomitable spirit has overcome adversities of homelessness and abuse for which he asks no sympathy and makes no excuses. He achieves and he gives!” -Michael S. Brown , Sr., Former Director of Educational Opportunity Programs at Montclair State University

“Rahfeal Gordon will always be a constant positive inaworldfilledwithnegativewithasmileto brighten any day and a generation. Overall, Rahfeal is an Amazing individual by far!”Stephanie Wendolowski, MA High School Educator

“Rahfeal is a caring man, wonderful friend and always shows support.” -Sioban St. John, Assistant Head Coach of Ohio State Spirit Squad and former Captain of Brooklynette dance team of the NBA's Brooklyn Nets.

“Rahfeal Gordon is a man that who walks into the room and commands POWERFUL energy and persona! His smile, his words, his presence, his motivation, his peacefulness, his ability to uplift others and instil confidence. PRICELESS” - Lorena Mann, Vice President, Operation & Productions at Women In The World Media / Tina Brown Live Media

“My graduate students at Seton Hall University were MESMERIZED for nearly 2 hours by the words and candid conversation of Rahfeal Gordon. To see him in action is PURE GOLD” - Tom Basilo, Entreprenuership Graduate Program