Day 24 of 30 Days of Amazing

Be Careful with Success

It is very important to remember that as you gain all that your heart has desired, that you don’t allow it to destroy you. Too much of anything is bad for you and that includes success. When we are high enough on our success ladder, things will come to us that were once hard to get. Our small vices and bad habits can become the biggest ones. We have to make sure we know who we truly are when we start to take in success in all its extremes.

When Lionel Richie was going through his 3-year struggle with depression, due to needed throat surgery (he had a pallet on his throat), he was able to reflect and think about where he truly was with his success in the music industry. He stated that the 3-year hiatus from the music business saved him from the BIG crash that so many of his close friends ended up having in their lives. Many of their crashes ended up as death. Lionel said, “Success is lethal. After you have it all, can you survive it?” For my readers who are pursuing success in their industry, I hope that you are not only able to answer yes, but to also live as the embodiment of that answer.