Day 8 of 30 Days of Amazing

Always Remember That You Are Enough

The beautiful and talented actress Sharon Stone told a story of how she was in an acting class. She was working on a few scenes that she would have to act out but she was having a very hard time. After she completed the scenes, she was upset because she felt she didn't get them right. But her acting teacher said she did and was able to graduate. But she was so upset - she felt that she didn't do them right. She even told her teacher, "I KNOW I haven't gotten these scenes right."

So her teacher told her to go home and not work on them. He told her that she was over working and trying to hard. He told her to stop trying with the trying. Sharon knew that she was over working and trying too hard. She even stated that she wasn't herself. She was just over trying. But when she was home she was completely herself. She came back to the next class and knocked the parts out the ball park! When the teacher asked her what has she learned, Sharon replied, "I am enough."

We are all enough for whatever we are going for. Each day the most important thing we must do is SHOW UP and be completely in the moment of being ourselves. It doesn't take much to do much.  When we overextend ourselves in situations, we block the flow of great positive energy. When we are present and let things come to us, we can began to do some some amazing things. We conquer whatever it is we are focusing on when we know that we are more than enough and allow ourselves to just BE. Sharon landed well known lead role in the movie, Basic Instincts, two weeks after that moment with her professor. She was the 12th or 13th person that auditioned for the role. The women prior to her were given the role but they all turned it down. But when she walked in and out of that audition, she knew she was enough. Just as you should…

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