Day 23 of 30 Days of Amazing

There’s No Coincidence Within The Universe

When you want something the whole universe will conspire for you to have it. When you put the energy or vibration of what you want into the air, the soul of universe will feel it. Paulo said that coincidence is the language of the stars. For things to happen, so many things have to be put into action.

Everything is connected, so everything is actually one thing.  Knowing this, you begin to understand why you may get a sign that what you are looking for is coming your way. You may get a feeling that something is happening around you, and you may get this feeling by a few things that are simply here with you, within space and time. Too deep, huh? I know... But I LOVE IT!!

Learn the language of the universe by taking risks and walking out on faith. Everything is connected whether you believe it or not. What you do and say at home will affect you at work in some way. What your friend went through on his/her way to seeing you will affect you in some way. We are all connected, so when you speak or do things within this world, I suggest you make it a positive one.