Day 22 of 30 Days of Amazing

Be Divine

Throughout our lives, we have been guided by something greater than ourselves. This is something I have believed since I was a young boy. I could never truly explain this detail, but I could always tell a story of how something in my life came to be. It’s usually things that we least expect that are part of the bigger purpose of our lives, like someone you became friends with to the person you were married to. These were not always part of your goals. Did you have the person’s name written down at 5 years old? That position you currently have, did you actually receive it exactly how you planned it in your head?

For the most part, we have to be able to hear the whisper that is telling us what to do. We have to be able to listen to what our gut is saying to us. It plays as our 6th sense. I believe that our gut can never steer us wrong. It’s the guide that helps us reach our true divine self.

In the dictionary, divine means of, from, or like God or a god. It also goes on to say that divine means excellent and delightful. Guidance, on the other hand, means advice or information aimed at resolving a problem or difficulty, especially as given by someone in authority.

Cicely Tyson stated that she is divinely guided. She says, “I just let it come wherever it comes. I make sure that I leave it and let it do what it has to do. And I tell you; I got to the point where I no longer feared it.  I welcomed it.

Be a part of the flow of life and allow yourself to be open to the things that come to you that are for you. When you open yourself up to the universe, you allow your stars to align the way they are supposed to. You may have a great vision for your life, but if you allow yourself to flow with things, you will begin to see that the divine has a greater purpose in store for you.