Day 19 of 30 Days of Amazing

Don’t Let Your Dreams Die

Billy Bob Thornton once said, “My advice to anybody who wants to do whatever it is with their life is to not let your dreams die.  Because that what keeps an artist alive and I think it keeps people, in general, going.

Creating an amazing life for ourselves takes a lot of hard work, discipline, and a great dream. A dream is important to have because it pushes you everyday to see what the day will bring. Dreams are a visual aid for your faith. It constantly reminds you of what could be of your life if you keep moving forward.

Dreams are fuel for us. In the Bible, there is a passage that states that a city without leaders will perish, and a leader without vision is lost. Dreams are a common thread in all that we do, whether you are leaders of cities, a single parent of a household, or simply a person trying to keep their dream alive. No matter our circumstance, we must never forget our dreams. If you feel distracted from your dreams, then step back and reevaluate your actions. Make time to sit in quietness so that you can only hear your thoughts and hit the refresh button for your dreams.