Day 20 of 30 Days of Amazing

Get Rid of It Now

When you come into more fame and fortune, no matter the level that it is on, your vices intensify. Your vices may not seem to harm you but they are in slower pace. Add more fortune/fame to your life and BOOM, you can dig yourself a hole in less than a year. We hear about so many people who have been blessed with a spotlight or high excess of financial gains, but tend to hit the ground hard. Why is this? Why does what’s supposed to be a blessing can become the hell they never wanted to experience?

Tim McGraw talked about this in a few of his interviews. He talked about his habit of drinking before a show. It became so bad for him that he decided that he had to stop. He knew that his drinking was the reason for many of the personal and business issues he was facing. The year that he decided to stop, he was on tour. He stated that it was the hardest tour he has ever been on due to his decision to stop.

It’s important that we have a real and hard look at ourselves when we are in a lane that may have us going too fast (even when don’t feel the speed). Our downfall can usually lie in the actions we do when we stress, need to clear our heads, or when we’re angry. Some people have a positive way of handling things and preparing for the spotlight that will come, while others just fall victim to the things.

Learn to get rid of the activities and habits that can hinder you from living an amazing life. Destroy those thoughts and actions that work hand in hand to push you over the cliff with no parachute. You have an amazing life and you must get rid of the vices that have been, or could hinder you from,  realizing you’re amazing.