We are all like children. Painted on canvases as we grow. We start off wearing other people shades until we are able to hold our own brushes. Learning that we must watch our own technique as we grow. Step back and admiring my view. Loving my pictures because I am able to use the colors I choose. We are made by the pigment of our blues and our stories will be told by the light of our hues. We are all like children...painted on canvases. Picking up shades as we grow.

Early this morning, I walked around the park, snapping pictures and meditating with some beautiful strangers. You know I had to share a few with you. But as I was enjoying the moment, these words came to mind...

We are all creators in the universe. And knowing this, we either create chaos or peace. Our words, actions, and relationships tells the citizens of the world what type of creator you are. We can not create something in our universe and tell others it means nothing. That just means your thoughts are toxic and you don't take responsibility for all that you create. I am an agent of peace and prosperity. If I want to see that in my world and universe, I must first be the vessel of it. The universe reflects its creator. What type of creator are you?

As I continue travel the world assisting in the development of world leaders, global entrepreneurs and culture, I know that I must first be the example of such. We must be the changing agent that citizens of this world seek. How can we direct someone to the mountain top but never been to ours? How can we lead a generation to their promise land and never stepped into ours? How can we be afraid to sing the lyrics to our own songs?

You and I are creators of our worlds. We can not fear what reflects us. We can not be scared of the voices that mimic ours. We are here to live and love. We are here to be the example of it. So be it!

Rahfeal Gordon www.RahGor.com