Vivir Mi Vida! We must always do whatever it takes to live our best life. Each day this week, I took the opportunity to pray, meditate and reflect on the beaches and under the waterfalls in DR. I watched the sunrise over the mini islands that surrounded me. I shared amazing yet unexplainable moments with strangers. I supported every local business that crossed my path. I made new friends with individuals who are just amazing in spirit and mind. They brought tears of laughter to my eyes and they made the love I have for my life feel deeper than ever before. It was true light and love.

In the middle of my trip, I decided that it was time to go higher in my life. I decided to make a bigger impact on my life which would help me impact the world even more. It seemed only right because as long as we live, I believe, we should always aim to go higher in our life. So I took out my traveling journal that was given to me as a birthday gift from one of my mentees (One of the best gifts I have ever received). I began writing in my journal about who I wanted to become and the things I wanted to create within the next 20 years of my life. After about two pages of writing, I read it aloud, and then took a picture of what I wrote. I tore the pages out the journal, put on my prayer beads, ran deep into ocean and said, "I release the power of these words that I have written on this paper into the universe. I believe with complete faith that I will become and attain all that I have on this paper." Then, I proceeded to go deeper into the water and released the paper into the ocean.

There are a few song that I play in my head when I am in my moments (such as the one I just shared). One of those songs are by Jose Gonzalez called, "Stay Alive." In one of his verses, he says, "we must do whatever just to stay alive." And I agree without a doubt. We ALL must do whatever just to stay alive. Your words are the dawns and the sunsets that you create for your life. Your life is the world that you can change. It is filled with all that you need to create the best picture that you can see with your own eyes. You just have to open your eyes, create the moments, believe in them, and BE STILL in them to experience all of GOD that's in it.

May my life inspire you to live your BEST life! Vivir Mi Vida!