Day 21 of 30 Days of Amazing

Develop A Better You

During an interview, Tony Robbins was asked what was the best advice ever given to him. After he thought for a moment, he said it came from his mentor Jim Rohn. That advice was, “Find ways to add more value to someone else’s life and you won’t have to worry about anything. Be the person that does more for others and life will just be anything you want out of it.” He went on to say that Jim specifically said to work harder on yourself than anything else, because if you become more intelligent, more valuable, and more skilled, you can add more value to other people.

I am a huge fan of Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins because they have invested so much into themselves so that they can invest in others. Every single day should be a class for us. We should be constantly learning and testing ourselves to become a valuable asset to our world. Constantly reading books, going to seminars and conferences, building a circle of advisors and mentors makes us better. It will help us become powerful energy and mentors for others.

We are all servants to someone in some way. We must be aware that having the opportunity to highly influence someone else, will create many opportunities in the future that could not even be scaled. Constantly look for ways to better yourself so that you can create more ways to help others. It will be a win – win situation!