Today is about forgiveness. Many of you have some awesome dreams and goals that you want to achieve. You have been trying for weeks, months, and even years but no major progress has developed to get you closer to reaching them. Well, I would like to suggest taking a u-turn and ride down the path of forgiveness. Forgiveness is powerful and a very important tool for all of us. When we forgive, we are releasing our internal grips from past emotions, mistakes and problems. We are saying to GOD, "Hey God, just so you know, I let go. You can take over now." You are making room for new things in your life. You give your attention to what's actually happening in your life (not what didn't happen or had happened in your life).

When we don't forgive, we continue to hold onto past experiences that hinder us for enjoying our gifts of the present. You could be judging business partners, new relationships, and even experiences based on the things you didn't forgive. Maybe you haven't forgiven yourself for past mistakes and that is the reason your belief system of who you are isn't matching your goals and dreams. Forgive those who hurt you. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you made (even if others will not forgive you).

We all have made mistakes with the best intentions in mind. Forgive your parents not being there. Forgive your neighbors for not helping protect the kids in the community. Forgive the people that hurt you in previous relationships. You can't get what you truly yearn until you clear out your house of old feelings, aggression, hate, and negative energy. Make room for what's coming with blessings all over it.

Let's start the forgiveness process today! Look in the mirror and forgive yourself. Make some phone calls. Set up some one-on-one time with close relatives and friends. Knock it out today. Let's stop waiting. Your greatness awaits you! Start with forgiveness. Start with being healed.

RahGor 21 Days Of Greatness