CLEAR VISION: Before we set goals and establish To Do Lists, we create a vision for ourselves about ourselves. We tend to ponder on the outcome and then begin to write down what we think will be the best paths (goals and steps) to take to achieve the visions in our reality.

To achieve our vision(s), we must make sure they are [crystal clear]. And I mean crystal clear! If your vision is to be a doctor, you must be crystal clear on what type of doctor you want to be. If you want to inspire the world, you must be crystal clear on how you will inspire the people and what you want to inspire them towards.

When we have a crystal clear vision, we begin to truly recognize what opportunities are great for us. As you continue to embark on your journey towards your greatness, you will come across (and attract) all types of amazing opportunities. But you must remember that every amazing opportunity will not be amazing for you. If your vision is to travel out of your country more, you should not be accepting the opportunities to plan most of your vacation (or social time) within your state/country. If you're trying to be debt free, you should not be buying concert tickets with your friends to see your favorite artists perform. Think of it like this, the less debt you have, the more money you will have to spend on traveling like a rock star (that's vision!).

Here is what I want you to do, write out a 1-2 line statement of what you want to accomplish for the next (8) months. Why (8) months, you asked? Because that's how many months are left within this year. I want you to be crystal clear. Let's say you wanted to raise funds for a start-up organization, you need to have the exact amount. Here is an example: "I AM going to save $5,000 by Dec. 30, 2014 to use as start-up money for the global non-profit organization I want to establish. My global organization will provide school children of impoverished areas with school supplies throughout the entire school year." Our visions are powerful. Our actions behind them are powerful. Achieve them wisely.

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