Carry a Hammer and Sword: Listen to me carefully. When you are on your journey or path towards greatness, you must carry a hammer and sword at all times. Why? Because the hammer is what you use to build foundations and a sword is what you use to protect it. Many people (some strangers and some close ties) will try to take and destroy the foundations you’ve built along the way but you must always use your sword to protect it. The hammer is a symbol of the foundations you’ve created with your family and friends. It symbolizes the foundation of your self-esteem, confidence, character, goals and dreams. The sword symbolizes strength, courage, fearless, and inner power. It’s what we all need to carry when we walk down this path that will test us to the core.

Nothing you created or connected to should be treated as lack of value or respect. You must keep your sword sharp at all times (fear nothing). Protect your family as all cost. Protect your goals and dreams at all cost. Protect the personal foundations you’ve created that helped build your faith, self esteem, confidence, and a sense of appreciation for the life you live. Build a strong foundation with your hammer (insight/knowledge/experiences/advisers) and preserve it at all cost with your sword. As long as you have them in both hands, your territory will forever expand. Be Great!

RahGor 21 Days of Greatness