Speak Over Your Life: Who told you this morning that you were beautiful? Who tells you that you are amazing everyday? Who tells you it will be okay and to keep pushing when no one is around? Hopefully, each answer begins with you. Our journey to greatness long and constant.  So, we must always be able to speak over our lives the words of encouragement and prosperity. When you constantly speak over your life, things will begin to manifest in your life. Words are powerful. Especially when you understand the meaning of them and use them as a [tool] to build your life. You have to use statement like, “Today I am the summer that people yearn for in the winter” or “Everyday I will wake up in purpose and make my life the example of joy” or “This outfit looks amazing on this body of mine. I going to have to keep some neck braces in my car just for the people who are going to break their neck to get a glimpse of this amazing situation. ” (I know some awesome people with a great mindset like this.).

Our journey to personal greatness will be whatever we speak it to be. Some may speak of their journey as if it’s a catwalk in a major fashion show. Others may speak of it as walking along the coast with their feet in white sands. We must alway speak greatness, love, joy, and prosperity over our lives. Dr. Maya Angelou once said, “Words are things. One day we will be able to measure the power of words.” I believe we can already measure them. All we have to do is listen to the words people say and observe the actions within their lives. What have you been speaking lately?

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