Always Know The Fact: A fact is knowledge or information based on real occurrences. It is also something demonstrated to exist or known to have existed. Be aware of how your digest information given to you by others. Many people get their source of information from television while others may get their source of information from those closest to them. But even though we may have a certain trust with these individuals and media outlets, we must still check the information they give us.

As you continue your journey towards greatness, you don’t want to stumble/fall due to false information someone gave you. You want Facts Only. When a person gives you information, don’t be afraid to question the source from where they received it. Make sure you question things you read in books, things you hear on the radio, and things you see on television.You want to make decisions, whether big or small, based upon FACTS ONLY. Not assumptions. Not opinions. And definitely not maybes. When you make decisions based upon the facts, you will see great things happen while on your journey.

RahGor 21 Days of Greatness