Never Hesitate: Gandhi once said, “Men often hesitate to a beginning because they feel that the objective cannot be achieved in its entirety. This attitude of mind is precisely our greatest obstacle to progress. An obstacle that each man, if he only will it, clear away.” The journey is crowded with opportunities for you to develop and know your true self. But it is scarce with people due to what they fear may happen in their lives. Hesitation is like the person who lacks faith by asks God for the same thing over and over again. Their hesitation lies behind the repeated prayer with the knowing that they must do the hard work as well. If they had supreme faith, they would ask only once (knowing HE knew their prayer before they prayed it) and spend the rest of the time working through the [obstacles] with supreme tenacity to reach their blessing.

What are the steps you are hesitating to take while on your journey? Are you afraid of what you are [imagining] could be around the corner? Just so you are reminded, the term “imagining” comes from the word “imagine.” Which means form a mental image or concept of; to suppose or assume. Hesitation comes from fear, lack of faith, and the lack of information to make a personal conclusion/decision on something. At this point, in Day #18, you have received 17 different tools to help build your faith, confidence and insight to walk without hesitation. Get to the root of your hesitation so that you can stand firm in the decisions you make on your journey. You got this! Never hesitate because you have an appointment with greatness. And you can’t be late!

RahGor 21 Days of Greatness