“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide

For (6) months, I gave up my cell phone. It was just something I felt I had to do. When I decided to give up my phone, I began documenting my transition and how the world around me would react to my new lifestyle.

The first 2-3 weeks were very hard. I couldn’t check social media, business emails, or have mobile record of who was trying to reach me throughout the day. Even though each day was a little stressful, I began feeling liberated. After about a month, I had adopted the lifestyle and loved every bit of it. I did what I felt and became a better person (stronger leader / business man) because of it. My decisions and daily choices started to align themselves accurately with what I envisioned for myself. My energy was undeniably at a higher frequency and contagious.

My goal was to become a more effective leader, entrepreneur, and human being to those around me. I was also tired of the lack of authenticity people were displaying to me and around me. I felt that if I got rid of my mobile phone, it would help me see things clearer and slow down my speed so I can enjoy my walk through this beautiful experience we call life.

Here are my TOP 12 things I recognized and experienced when I got rid of my mobile phone.

RahGor’s (12) Observations with No Mobile Phone

1. Arrived to all my meetings and events earlier than the attendees.

2. Recognized and seized more opportunities due to not being distracted by all the activities that my phone created (i.e. emails, social media apps, notifications, games).

3. Dealt with current issues and feelings while driving, walking, and in waiting areas. I could not just pick up my phone to waste the time away.

4. Slept easier, stressed less, and reflected with gratitude as soon as I woke (rather than just picked up my phone to check messages and social media sites).

5. My imagination was exercised more and I was more in tuned with my thoughts.

6. Due to not being easily accessible, friends, family members, and business associates began scheduling more meet ups (I HEARD more I LOVE YOU comments because it couldn’t be sent as a text to me).

7. The conversations were more in depth, rich, and authentic because I wasn’t sharing much online. When you have no phone you see the world a little differently and many people within my circle were very intrigued.

8. More productive with my time and valued it more than I did with the cell. I began noticing that I was perfecting my time management skills.

9. I was more “in the moment” than those around me. While everyone was at dinner on their phones or taking pictures of their food/surrounding, I was observing the ambiance. I was paying attention to how those around me interacted and how I was feeling at the moment.

10. I purchased a house phone and gave it only to family members and friends of the family.

11. I notice that I only remembered the phone numbers of the people that called me the most and/or who I called most often.

12. My communications as a leader became more exceptional to my team.

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