Stop Pretending That You Are Not Great: Here we are at Day 21. I stayed committed every single day to pour into you. You now have 21 different tools to destroy the chains that hold you back from being your own master in life. You can now [stop pretending] that you are not great. You can stop dealing with those circles that believe they are going forward but are doing nothing but chasing their tails like a stray dog on the corner.

Today is the day you wake up. To know thyself. To know that you are everything and everything is you. You have the power to change the view of the world and the power to change your inner world. Each person you meet in your lifetime is their own world/planet. They all see the world differently because they all (including yourself) have experience life differently. So everything outside of you is your universe. You have the power to choose who will be your sun, moon, stars, and the planets that will be apart of your solar system.

 On this journey, we must see our vision clearly and grow continuously. Because the essence of life is growth. If we do not grow, we do not live. And if we do not live, we will never know the full beauty of our lives. We are all creators. Everything you see in this world was created by someone who tapped into their greatness. From this website, this post in which I created for you, to the device in which you hold in your hands. From the utensils you use to eat. To the music you will listen to within the day.

We are all creators and when you decided to walk down this path we call greatness, you quietly make a promise to yourself to be one of the many great creators that have walked this planet. So today, stop pretending to be great and just BE GREAT. I pray that you continue to walk in light and love while on this amazing journey. Because it’s never too late to leave your footprints on the path of greatness. Thank you for being apart of the journey

RahGor 21 Days of Greatness