Have a Sense of Humor: How boring is a person who works all day to achieve their personal greatness with no sense of humor? The answer is VERY BORING. Learn to develop a great sense of humor along your journey. You will attract more friends and even turn enemies into allies. It a great character to have when the going gets tough as well. Those who have tapped into their personal greatness knows that we must laugh at the Goliath’s we have to fight within us to show that no matter how difficult the battle – it won’t stress us out.

Having a sense of humor makes the journey to greatness more enjoyable. It helps us get through the toughest times and the darkest of times in our lives. Having a sense of humor allows people to feel comfortable around you. They don’t mind letting their guard down so that you can see their authenticity. We all need someone to get us through the long workloads with a little encouragement and laughter. Life here on this earth isn’t forever so we must try our best to make the most out of it. Whether it’s with a few great jokes or a few great laughs.

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