Never Go On Sale: Let’s get this straight from the start. Your life is valuable. This means your thoughts are valuable. This means your visions are valuable. This means everything you say and create in this world has value. This is why you should never settle for less in anything you do. When you know who you are and the the destination you are trying to reach, why would you bargain for less? Honestly, why would you waste your time bargaining in the first place?

Take a lesson from many of the high end fashion designers such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Valentino. Before the recession, during the recession, and after the recession (even to this day), you have never (and will never) see them lowered their prices on any of their clothing, shoes, and accessories. You don’t see commercials on TV promoting “one day sales”, holiday specials, or even see a sales rack in their stores. Why? Because they know the value of the company, the value of their vision,  and they know the value of their target clients. These designers know that their fashion designs, visions, and who they associate with are too valuable to be watered down for people who would only buy cheap and treat their designer clothes like rag clothes.

So use this as an example for your own life. Never lower your standards or put your vision up for sale. Don’t accept or agree to things that belittle your value. You deserve the best out of life and you need to make sure you are treated with high regards. If other people want or allow others to treat their life as an 80% off sales rack, then that’s their decision. You have to understand that there are many people who are content with buying and stunting with the fake rather than buying and dealing with the real.

Not everyone deserves your valuable time and attention (especially if you are making major moves on your journey). People will treat you cheap if you let them. If they don’t treat their lives with respect, what makes you think they would treat yours as such? My life, my vision, my time and my attention isn’t cheap. And because of this, I will never give out coupons and never go on sale.

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