Day 1 of 30 Days of Amazing (created by Rahfeal Gordon)

The Silver Lining of Your Mess

There is always a message in the mess we make or have to go through. Notice that I said, "The mess WE make" or "Have to go through." Sometimes we create the mess that causes us to beat ourselves up. Then there are times when we make a personal decision to go through some mess that isn't our own just to inspire or bring someone out of it.

Whatever the mess we go through in our business or personal lives, it all comes with a message. We carry the message in our mess and it's up to us to sort through it so that we can say "Ohh, this is why I went through this."

When Robin Roberts found out she had cancer she couldn't understand how she could have become the vessel to such a horrible disease. When she went to confide in her mother, her mother told her to "be the voice for those who don't have the resources." And with that, Robin stated that it was then she understood that we all must be strong enough to make our mess our message. People asked Robin all the time if she ever lost faith when in the process of fighting the cancer. She would respond with a confident "NO." She never denied that she has been angry with God a couple of times, but added that it's okay to be angry with God because HE is big enough to take it. "The trick is not to stay angry, but to understand."

"God has three answers to your prayer, "Yes, Not Yet, and I have something better in mind. It takes courage to believe that the best is yet to come." - Robin Roberts

No matter the mess you make within your business or personal life, embrace it! No matter how deep you are in hell or high water, you can find a way out of it. You just have to step back, observe the mess, and find the message like a diamond in the rough. And once this is done, your battle is already won.

Day ONE of RahGor's 30 Days of Amazing