I look at the life I have been given and think of it as my personal canvas. Each day that I wake up, I have the opportunity to paint whatever it is I feel and call it a masterpiece. The start of my global tour has truly been an amazing masterpiece. For the past three weeks, I have been able to meet and touch the lives of thousands of human beings from all walks of life. The tour kicked off in Monterrey, Mexico for the EMPRENDUS: International Entrepreneurship Conference. It was full of high energy students and young entrepreneurs. I was able to share my business and personal philosophies along with methods to living the best life possible. I also spent close to two weeks visiting various business owners, organizational, and community leaders. I made surprise visits to various schools and universities as their guest lecture for the day. Each moment was beautiful due to the love, excitement and warmth of the people.

After my stop in Mexico, I headed straight to Oslo, Norway to headline the Norwegian International Entrepreneur Conference (NIEC). Many entrepreneurs traveled far and wide to attend this SOLD OUT conference. Yes, it was sold out baby! The event was held at the Deloitte building and was sponsored by various global companies such as KLM Airlines, BMW, First Hotels, Inspirator, VIRKE and GRUNDERFORENINGEN. I, along with a few of my fellow global entrepreneurs, took part in a Role Model Dinner that was hosted by Aamir Faved Sheik, the adviser to the Prime Minister of Norway. Fifty lucky guests were able to dine with us and ask questions that pertained to developing their businesses and brands.

The tour has been going very well thus far. I will be on tour until the end of June 2015. Like the McDonald's commercial states, "I'm Lovin' It!" I look forward to sharing more experiences and insight with you all. It is my hope that you become inspired to create more for yourself and others. To see more and do more are the actions one must take to be inspired. For what good is a man who has potential in this world and never applies himself to become more than just "potential"? Let's not be that person to find out!

Next stop is back to the United States to speak at Kean University! Can't Stop, Won't Stop because My Location is Not My Destination!