Surrender means you are willing to accept that God and the universe is active within your life, whether or not you can see it working or understand how it works. When you surrender, you are no longer attached to the labels and the opinions that people put on your life. You are giving your complete self to the universal laws that makes mountains tall, water flows, and children smile just because. One of the biggest challenges people face in life is their willingness, strength, and discipline to change by surrendering. All that we are able to accomplish in life will be determined by our understanding of how life works. It’s not how fast, how hard, or with how much bravo you live that matters. When we surrender our all, we move to a higher awareness, acknowledgement, acceptance, and understanding of how life flows that will determine how and where you live in the universal scheme of things. We are all perfectly made imperfect to fulfill our purpose perfectly. When you surrender you begin to realize that every step you take, every mistake you’ve made, every pain you’ve experienced, every moment of happiness you were apart of, and every thought you acknowledged was and will always be perfect. Make it a daily ritual to surrender yourself to the universe and not to the demands of the society within the world. Once you give yourself over to the demands of the society, you no longer have control over what you do and who you are. You are now a subject to the changing demands of people and events with which you have no intimate contact. Remember you reflect the most high and within you is the universe you are currently experiencing. No need for an identity crisis.