Rebel with a Cause: Nothing great will always stand with the many. When you are trying to attain something beyond the capacity of what others envision, you will have to stand alone most of the time. When you make a [decision] to give everything you have towards your [vision], you automatically become a rebel with a powerful cause. Your cause/vision has to be so powerful that when achieved, it not only affects you, but everyone that is in connection to you. Rebels of greatness tend to be considered crazy at times. And this is okay.

Rebels of greatness are considered weird sometimes. And this is okay. Rebels of greatness tend to deal with pubic and private hate at times. And this is okay. This is okay because they are built for it. They know that the end result of what they are trying to achieve is far great than any personal opinion or negative comment said about them. Rebels are the changing agents of the world. They shift individuals, communities, towns, cities, states, countries, continents, and the world. Today make the decision to be content with being a rebel of greatness. Don’ be afraid to break the rules to establish your foundation of greatness.

Abide by the laws of the universe so that you can experience what true freedom is today. Live in your greatness no matter what your haters or naysayers think. Every rebel of greatness has favor over their life. You can be the change people need to see so that they can be liberated from their burdens.

Every great and iconic person that has tattooed their name in history are true rebels of greatness. From Dr. Maya Angelou to Nelson Mandela. From Steve Jobs to Oprah Winfrey. From Mother Teresa to Harriet Tubman. Come with me down this journey of greatness at a rebel with a powerful cause. You can experience something different, walk taller, and think higher down this road. Trust me, there are some amazing rebels you would love to meet.

RahGor 21 Days of Greatness