Day 14 of 30 Days of Amazing

Your Path Chooses You

Susan Sarandon never studied acting or wanted to pursue it. She dated and married a young man from college who just happened to be an actor. She was helping him prepare for an audition that needed a female character. When they arrived at the audition and Susan assisted him in reading for the script, the casting directors ended up giving a part to her. She couldn’t believe it. Over time, she began getting casted for various shows and then big time movies.

I love this story because just like many others, they reconfirm that our path has always been waiting for us to walk it. Some may not realize it until later in their lives, but eventually their individual paths will let it be known.

Our paths come with many great surprises, and when we look back, we become even more surprised by things we totally didn’t recognize until our moment of reflecting. Each one of us was given a path at birth that we will eventually walk. This path does not only teach you along the way, but it also teaches those who watch your walk. That is why we have to always embrace what we were created to become. That is why it is important to walk in purpose. By doing this, we can learn so much more and do much more while walking the path that chose us.

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