If our vision(s) were considered a word, then our work ethic would define them. Work ethic by definition is a value based on hard work and diligence. It is also a belief in the moral benefit of work and its ability to enhance character.When you are striving to achieve your vision(s), your work ethic will define how valuable and important those visions are to you.

What time do you arrive to meetings/work (15/30 minutes early or 15/30 minutes late)? How many hours do you put aside for personal development? How many books have you read to help you get to your vision since January 1, 2014? Be honest, are you truly giving your all to achieving your greatest self? Michael Jackson would wake up at 3am/4am just to rehearse and perfect the routines he would be performing in his concerts. Kobe Bryant would shoot 400 jump shots before he left every practice. Mike Tyson would wake up at 4:00am faithfully just to run a few miles because he believed he would have a sharper competitive edge over his opponents.

Take time to review your calender and actions for the days that are upon you. Where are you spending most of your daily 1,440 minutes? Tighten up your arrival to all activites. Work extra hard to master your weaknesses. Learn from those who have or currently dominating the arenas in which they are apart of. You have to make some hard core sacrifices if you want to attain greatness. Greatness can not be attained by just a 9-5 work ethic. You have to go beyond and above what is normal and average. Your visions are supreme. Just as your work ethic should be. Because for much that’s given; much is required.

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