Live Life On The Edge: Many people tend to work extremely hard and never take advantage of the life they worked so hard for. To me, the people who are considered the failures are not only the ones that never took advantage of their blessings, but also the ones who never realized they made it to the top of their mountain. As you all continue to embark on your journey, make sure you live life to the fullest along the way. LIVE ON THE EDGE! Take advantage of life and all its wonders of the world. Don’t sit around on the local level. Get your butt up and travel to lands that are foreign to you. Make those foreign lands your hang out spot places. Make the world your playground. Always think/move on a global level because you don’t have to create music to live like a rock star.

Jump out a plane, have wine and dinner in a hot air balloon, go sky diving, go for a morning jog with a tiger or lion, take a weekend trip to Paris just because, pay someone’s meal and watch their reaction when they find out the bill has been paid. Buy a group of kids some ice cream and tell them to follow you on Instagram just because you’re cool. Go ahead and act like James Bond or Cleopatra for a day. Just LIVE ON THE EDGE and be an exciting person to hang around! Many people work extremely hard but are shallow as a puddle. This is because they don’t open themselves up to the world. They don’t allow their imagination to run free so that it can pull them in front of some of the most beautiful landscapes known to man.

LIVE ON THE EDGE. Be a bad boy with a good heart. Be a woman who is sassy yet classy. Live a little. When you are walking down your path that leads to greatness, you will accumulate some amazing experiences and tools to make a better life for yourself. Don’t let these tools go to waste. You will be old one day and have to live with the regret of not doing what you truly could have done today. When you work hard, you must play hard. It’s a golden rule for those who are tapping into their greatness.

RahGor 21 Days of Greatness