Every morning at 5:45am, I drive to the park and meditate with a few people until 8:30am. I am the youngest person in the group but that doesn't bother me at all. I truly enjoy meditating with the elders because they give off a sense of authenticity, calmness and compassion towards life. Something I pray I can give off everyday when I become their ages.

But these past few days, I decided to meditate by myself in another park. I walked down a beautiful path (see picture) which stretches for miles. As I walk down this path towards the area where I meditate, I reflect on all that is happening (has happened) in my world on the inside and out. No matter the thoughts that cross my mind, I always keep a smile on my face. It's part of my ritual to smile. It's my way of saying thank you God for allowing me to be me.

After meditating today, one thing that kept popping up in my head was the word "transformation". As I though about this word, I shook my head in amazement (with a smile). Before we can be transformed, we have to go through (2) stages first. The first is "chaos". Chaos are the battles we have to fight within. Trying to figure out who we are and what should we do with our lives. It's a battle that many lose by accepting the opinions of what others believe they should be in the world. The second stage is "ruins". Ruins are what you are left with have you have given your all in the battles. It is the results of the choices you made. It is the friends you are left with after you decided what path you will take. It is the family members who play their part after you tell them who you want to be in life. It is the promises that were kept and that exact moment you took an honest look at yourself in the mirror.

These are the things that lead to transformation. So no matter where you are at this exact moment, reflect and see you transformation. Because wherever you are...There you are.